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The Truth Behind our Extended Breastfeeding Journey

I’ve always considered myself a pretty decorous breastfeeding mother.     While I may refuse to wear a cover, I am always considerate of my surroundings.  I am very much pro-breastfeeding but I am also not pushy type. I find pride in our breastfeeding journey and am very gratified in the fact that I have become a “helping hand” to many of my nursing mom friends through our experience.  BUT it as recently come to my attention that we have extended passed the “normal breastfeeding time allotment”… Continue reading The Truth Behind our Extended Breastfeeding Journey

Life Postpartum: Be the Mom Friend that You Needed

The first couple of months postpartum were not easy for me.  Actually, they were pretty rough.  I was a typical first time mom who had no idea what she was doing.  I thought I was prepared because I had read.  & read, & read…. & read some more.  But some most of things you experience as a new mom, a book can’t teach you.   A book can’t describe the roller coaster of emotions you’re going to experience.  Or tell you how to handle feeling like your in labor all over again as your uterus shrinks.  It can’t prepare you for how insane you’ll feel or how frustrating it is not being able to explain why you’re even upset.  & it most certainly can’t tell you how to deal with the seemingly overwhelming abyss that is your life as a new mom. Continue reading Life Postpartum: Be the Mom Friend that You Needed

Sensory Play: Babies 6 Months & Older

Sensory:  relating to sensation or the physical senses; transmitted or perceived by the senses.

I’m a hands on learner, so sensory play is my go-to.  Lucky for me, E seems to be a hands on fella, as well.  So, I think we’ll tackle this mother/son learning thing pretty well!  I’m always brainstorming fun & creative ways for us to play/learn to help spice things up.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  We love some blocking building (well, banging) but even that can get old after a while.

So, here are a few of our favorite inexpensive, DIY, at home (etc, etc) sensory play items from the past month or so! Continue reading Sensory Play: Babies 6 Months & Older

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

Holidays are my jam.  I love celebrating, decorating & documenting each month with whichever holiday is coming around.  I focus on the bigger holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, BUT I found this site that has a bunch of random holidays that I also add to our calendar.  Some of them are a little out there,  but most of them are fun things you can easily celebrate (like take a walk in the park day), so why not?!  It makes an ordinary Thursday turn exciting super quick.  Can’t beat it!   This makes our calendar get packed pretty quickly, but I always make sure to schedule time for footprint art  & for a photo shoot.  This way, I don’t end up scrambling at the last minute.

Continue reading DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

Five Easy Half Birthday Traditions to Start Today

I am still in shock at the fact that I have a six month old. (Where has the time gone?!)  But I’ve always known I wanted to do half birthday traditions as a mother.    Six months old is probably the most significant half birthday mark, but I plan on implementing half birthday traditions for as long as E thinks they’re fun!  Because, why not?   I was able to do all five of these half birthday traditions just with items I already had on hand.  So whats the harm in some budget friendly family celebrations?! #amiright!?

Five (& a Half) Half Birthday Traditions Continue reading Five Easy Half Birthday Traditions to Start Today

DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Y’all already know I had to do a Valentine’s Day photo shoot!!  I mean, really, what’s cuter than a naked baby covered in kisses? Not much.  Especially, if you’re a FTM that still has googly eyes for your baby.  BUT, first & foremost, shout out to Hubs: there’s no way I could get these done without ya!  He seriously has come so far.  From being an avid picture hater to throwing out suggestions to improve the shot.  Do I train them well, or what ?! (jk, jk)

The number one thing that parents struggle with when deciding whether or not to get pictures done of their little ones is cost.  Hundreds of dollars for 30 minutes of clicking & 5-10 digital images isn’t cheap!  That is why I am a huge proponent of DIY photo shoots.   All you need is a few props, a couple common household items & Pinterest inspiration and you can get shots that are just as good as professional!  To prepare for this DIY Valentine’s Day photo shoot, I went to Dollar Tree and got $5 worth of props.  I bought plastic roses, rose petals, glitter hearts, heart stickers, & foam hearts.  I ended up not using the heart stickers, so I’ll save them for next year!

Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Monthly Footprint Art: DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Do you ever think of how Valentine’s Day was when you were a kid?  The classroom is decked out, you decorated card boxes and everyone was your valentine.  You anxiously wait for February 14 to arrive so you could enjoy the class party instead of math and eat way too much candy.  That was the life!

You get older and the Valentine’s Day card appeal dwindles as romance becomes more prevalent.  Which is wonderful & all, but as a new mom I’m now anxiously waiting for E’s class parties.  I can’t wait for baking heart shaped goodies and making DIY Valentine’s Day cards.  I’m totally going to be that mom living vicariously through him by forcing him to wear red and give a card everyone (even to the girl “with cooties”).  & I’m SO excited.

Continue reading Monthly Footprint Art: DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

10 Things I Learned From Flying with a Baby

I feel like we are crazy people for flying with a baby (almost 5 months old).  & maybe we are, lol.  Apparently people do this all the time. I personally don’t know these people, but I’ve read about them. The anxiety level is at a whole new high.  Especially when you have very limited flight experience. The week prior to the trip was filled with pacing, lists, and consolidating.   But some how we made it out alive.  So, while this won’t dissolve your anxiety, here are 10 things I learned from flying with a baby that might help tone it down a notch.

  1. Baby wear!
    This literally saved my life.  E hates the car seat (can you blame him?) plus who wants to try & carry a baby AND all of their luggage?  Having both hands free makes everything so much easier & it gives babe the ability to take in all of the sights!  We use a Boba wrap because I love the convince.  I can put it on before we leave & be able to pop him in there in no time.
  2. You don’t need the extra seat.
    We bought E a seat because we figured it would be there if we needed to put him in his car seat.  Which we didn’t do. It was nice because then we got 6 carry on items rather than 4, but paying to check a bag is a lot cheaper than a ticket, lol!  So, if babe is under 1 just stick with the “infant in arms” option!
  3. Have suction options prepared!
    Whether it be a paci, bottle, or boob, be ready!  The sucking/swallowing helps regulate the pressure during take off & landing and helps minimize the pain in their ears.  This of course only works if babe is hungry and/or will take paci.  E wasn’t having any of the above during landing on our way home *eye roll* so I’m sure you can imagine how that went.
  4. Pack the bare minimum.
    You really don’t need EVERY toy.  I probably packed twelve and he only played with three.  Save yourself the room & the sanity by bringing the ones that are most likely to entertain him while crammed in an airplane.  Pro tip:  we use a paci clip on his favorite teething toy to save us from having to pick it up 147 times.  Plus, airplane floors? Ew.
  5. Save yourself a carry on.
    This is especially important if you’re visiting family.  We needed an extra bag in order to bring back everything E got over the three days we were gone!  If we hadn’t packed smartly, we would have had to buy & check a bag in order to bring everything home! & if you don’t need the extra bag that is one less thing you have to lug around the airport, so still a win!
  6. Improvise.
    Ya do what ya gotta do!  Need to pace the aisles? Have to sing the ABCs on repeat?  Babe want to nurse the whole time?  Whatever it is, do it!  You may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s a whole lot better than dealing with a screaming child.  My mom motto:  whatever works!
  7. Throw sleep/schedule out the window.
    Ugh, this was my biggest concern.   E struggles with sleep as it is.  How in the world was I going to get him to sleep between the driving to the airport, the flight, and the trip itself?!  I just had to let it go.  I nursed E to sleep as close to the beginning of the flight as possible & hoped for the best! No point in stressing over something you have limited control over.  Just enjoy the trip & focus on getting back on track once you’re home!
  8. Be cost-effective!
    We brought our pack n play as one of our carry ons (yay!).  But if you are unable to consolidate things in order to be able to do this don’t immediately decide to check it.  Delta charges $25 to check an item.  Is bringing your pack n play worth the $50?? You can buy one for cheaper than that!  Just leave it at grandma’s for the next visit!
  9. Take advantage of preferred seating.
    Getting on the plane first is so beneficial.  It was so much less stressful not having to worry about being in other people’s way or being too slow.  We were able to get everything situated and place our carry ons right above us with no hassle at all.  Plus, E loved watching everyone walk by as they were finding their seats. Win win!
  10. People RALLY!
    Probably because they want babe to stop crying as much as you do, but still.  It was so heartwarming for me to look back & see three different people smiling & making faces at E.  These strangers were doing their best to help calm a baby they would never see again.  Funny faces & all. How awesome is that?

Have you recently flown with a baby or will you be flying soon?  What are some things that helped you make it out with your sanity?

Happy flying!  Lots of love, Lori

30 Things Moms Think About During Their First Night Out

Well, I braved the elements and finally had a night (okay, 1.5 hours) out of the house! I battled with whether I should go or not for a few days.  & then again a few hours the day of.  Hubs probably had to tell me six times to go, but I was still skeptical.  We are nursing & the 4 month sleep regression has been insane.  I was so nervous about all the things that hubs could end up having to deal with. What if he wakes up early? What if he’s hungry?  Do I have enough milk in the freezer? Will he take the bottle at night? Ahh!

Continue reading 30 Things Moms Think About During Their First Night Out

E’s Favorite Things: 3 Months Old

First of all, shout out to my friend & fellow FTM (first time Mom), Paige, for this idea! The plan is to do updates of what things E enjoys the most from month to month. From store bought to DIY, whatever tickles his fancy for the time being!  It has been so helpful for me as a FTM to see referrals of specific items that have benefited children of a similar age as E.  I’m hoping this will do the same for you! Continue reading E’s Favorite Things: 3 Months Old