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The Truth Behind our Extended Breastfeeding Journey

I’ve always considered myself a pretty decorous breastfeeding mother.     While I may refuse to wear a cover, I am always considerate of my surroundings.  I am very much pro-breastfeeding but I am also not pushy type. I find pride in our breastfeeding journey and am very gratified in the fact that I have become a “helping hand” to many of my nursing mom friends through our experience.  BUT it as recently come to my attention that we have extended passed the “normal breastfeeding time allotment”… Continue reading The Truth Behind our Extended Breastfeeding Journey

Life Postpartum: Be the Mom Friend that You Needed

The first couple of months postpartum were not easy for me.  Actually, they were pretty rough.  I was a typical first time mom who had no idea what she was doing.  I thought I was prepared because I had read.  & read, & read…. & read some more.  But some most of things you experience as a new mom, a book can’t teach you.   A book can’t describe the roller coaster of emotions you’re going to experience.  Or tell you how to handle feeling like your in labor all over again as your uterus shrinks.  It can’t prepare you for how insane you’ll feel or how frustrating it is not being able to explain why you’re even upset.  & it most certainly can’t tell you how to deal with the seemingly overwhelming abyss that is your life as a new mom. Continue reading Life Postpartum: Be the Mom Friend that You Needed

Sensory Play: Babies 6 Months & Older

Sensory:  relating to sensation or the physical senses; transmitted or perceived by the senses.

I’m a hands on learner, so sensory play is my go-to.  Lucky for me, E seems to be a hands on fella, as well.  So, I think we’ll tackle this mother/son learning thing pretty well!  I’m always brainstorming fun & creative ways for us to play/learn to help spice things up.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  We love some blocking building (well, banging) but even that can get old after a while.

So, here are a few of our favorite inexpensive, DIY, at home (etc, etc) sensory play items from the past month or so! Continue reading Sensory Play: Babies 6 Months & Older

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

Holidays are my jam.  I love celebrating, decorating & documenting each month with whichever holiday is coming around.  I focus on the bigger holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, BUT I found this site that has a bunch of random holidays that I also add to our calendar.  Some of them are a little out there,  but most of them are fun things you can easily celebrate (like take a walk in the park day), so why not?!  It makes an ordinary Thursday turn exciting super quick.  Can’t beat it!   This makes our calendar get packed pretty quickly, but I always make sure to schedule time for footprint art  & for a photo shoot.  This way, I don’t end up scrambling at the last minute.

Continue reading DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

Parenting: Why can’t we do both?

I recently read a blog post focusing on the joys of parenthood & how easily they can be snatched away by constant worry & stress.  It talked about taking an old school approach to parenting.  To think about how we were raised, before technology & judgement became so prevalent in order to ease the burden.   To let kids be kids & to not be a “hover parent”.

All of which I agree with.

However, it also took somewhat of a stab at the mom’s who may do a little more.  The specific example was a mother who does a birthday time capsule each year to give her son as an 18th birthday present.  I don’t think the idea was to guilt any mother for wanting to document things (whether for her child’s sake or for her own).  I think it was more supposed to let mothers know that is not a necessity in order to be a good parent.  BUT it really got me thinking.

Why can’t we do both?

Continue reading Parenting: Why can’t we do both?