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E’s Favorite Things: 3 Months Old

First of all, shout out to my friend & fellow FTM (first time Mom), Paige, for this idea! The plan is to do updates of what things E enjoys the most from month to month. From store bought to DIY, whatever tickles his fancy for the time being!  It has been so helpful for me as a FTM to see referrals of specific items that have benefited children of a similar age as E.  I’m hoping this will do the same for you! Continue reading E’s Favorite Things: 3 Months Old

First Christmas Picture Ornament

Since I’m living the SAHM life now, we are ballin on a budget. SO that just means I get to notch my DIY skills up to the next level. Homemade Christmas presents are officially my go to for family presents!  We took some at home Christmas photos, so I decided to make a Christmas picture ornament in honor of E’s first Christmas!

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Baby’s First Thanksgiving Crafts

I’m only three months in, but I can already tell that the first year with a baby is filled with so many monumental milestones.  Everything they do is a “first”.  It’s mind boggling to me.  From reaching for your hand to their first thanksgiving, every moment is so precious.  I, of course, want to document every.single.one.  in as many ways as possible.  I constantly am capturing digital moments (I currently have 2745 photos & 238 videos on my phone….) but I also am a sucker for the tangible items.  So I craft! & boy, are these thanksgiving crafts presh!
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Baby’s First Halloween Crafts

I love the holiday season and I am especially excited to start family traditions as we have become a family of three.  Crafts with E are obviously a shoe in.  We will probably do monthly crafts throughout the year (at least) but knowing me, they will be in higher quantity from October-December.

Halloween is our first holiday with E, so I had a combination of “crafters block” & an over abundance of ideas…it was overwhelming. But I finally narrowed it down and decided on two simple crafts to start me off:  footprint ghosts & frankensteins and bumpkins! Continue reading Baby’s First Halloween Crafts

UNC Pembroke Graduation Pictures

It is graduation season & of course, that means graduation pictures are a necessity!  I am so honored that some of my best friends asked me to take their graduation pictures.  I recently got a camera (Nikon D7200) & was SO excited to put it to use.  Pinterest became my BFF, I spent hours getting inspiration & reading camera tips preparing.

What I didn’t prepare for was waddling around at 6 months pregnant, lol. The first ones I did the end of April. You know the “April showers bring May flowers” saying? Well, it held true.  AND it was windy.  So there we were trying to beat the rain & keep her hair in place the best we could.  Luckily, it was pretty light-hearted & we got some fun/silly shots, as well!







Hailey reenacted this picture from her preschool graduation as a present for her Mom. HOW PRECIOUS!!

Hand crafted graduation cap representing her sorority & her major.  How cute is that monogrammed bow? & her DIY DNA strand? How crafty!







Always a good glitter blowing picture fan!! These were extraordinary difficult considering the wind.  But at least we got some good ones along with the bloopers!







You should have seen her run through the rain with all these books, lol. The struggle was SO real.  As I’m sure reading all that info was!







These were hilarious.  TOTAL FAIL.  But best bloopers ever.  The champagne basically just poured out everywhere rather than spraying like we hoped. Then she tried shaking its upside down & it literally just emptied.  I peed myself laughing so hard, lol.  #pregnancyprobz








The next session of graduation pictures were in the beginning of May.  Waddling a little more at this point, but at least the weather cooperated!  It was perfect May weather for pictures.  Warm but not scorching. This was my first “group” portrait pictures.  If two counts as a group, lol.  But it was fun to do interactive shots as well as individual.

I clearly have a glitter blowing obsession.  How do you just pick one?! We struggled with the champagne popping, yet again, lol.  So we gave up on that, drinking it is better anyway!

These are probably my favorites from this session. How adorable?!

Ya have to get some water feature pics for it to be a UNCP graduation.  Plus, gotta love that KD pride!

Love, love, love these!! How cute are they? College BFF goals.








Of course, we had to show off the graduation caps. DIY, of course! (Mom & Dad one by me, lol!)








Ahh, aren’t all three of them so gorgeous?!   I had a blast shooting these and am so glad I had the privilege to do so.  Even if I was waddling with a big ‘ol belly, they turned out pretty darn good, if I say so myself!

Gobble Gobble

Warning: this is a double post; from decor to turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
We just moved into a house, yay! We have plenty of space now & I’ve been trying to decide on decor.  I really wanted to do a gallery wall, but wasn’t sure where to start!  I knew I didn’t have enough frames so it was great when I found an 8-piece set at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It was a great starting point, but it wasn’t what I was going for.  I wanted more.  I wanted personalized. So I shopped around some craft stores for some things & I rummaged through the house finding some more frames & signs that I could incorporate.

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Don’t Let Your Lilly Planner go to Waste

There is only one benefit of being home sick… free time to craft!
I recently took the pages out of my old Lilly planner but couldn’t decide what I should do with them, until one day it hit me–greeting cards!  Lilly has such wonderfully uplifting designs, so what better use than to make someone’s day just a little brighter?

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Bachelorette Weekend ft St. Patrick’s Day

 I am WAY behind on blogging!  I’ve been busy with my newly opened Etsy shop — CrazyCraftaholic 🙂  But anyway, this is about a recent bachelorette weekend for one of the many beautiful brides in my life!
We went to Charlotte, NC the weekend of St. Patrick’s day…which is also the weekend of the World’s Largest Bar Crawl.  Needless to say, it was PACKED with people & with green.  I would say this only added to our excitement though!  It also gave us an opportunity to buy a $25 shirt that would get us into basically ANY bar/club we would want to go to!
We had a pretty packed weekend, but it was so great to be able to celebrate the bride to be!

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Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts!

I swear, I must have been born a procrastinator.  It’s in my blood…it has to be!   I have this problem where I will push everything to the veryyyy last minute.  I will give must self just enough time in which I know I will be able to complete my task.  I should really work on it, but so far, no luck.
                                                                                                                                                     So as of today, Monday, February 9, I do not know what I’ll be doing for my hubby Saturday, February 14…  I figured there has to be at least a handful of women who get in the same boat as me.  So (instead of planning for this year)  I figured I would let you know about some simple & quick ideas I’ve used in the past!

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Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

October 16 is Mike & my “dating anniversary”.   This year made 3 years!  Not sure if it’s “normal” to celebrate your dating anniversary after marriage, but I’m okay for any excuse to celebrate! This year I decided to do an anniversary  scavenger hunt for Mike.  This is really something I would love more than something he would love, but it’s the thought that counts, right 🙂
Here are all the clues:

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