DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Y’all already know I had to do a Valentine’s Day photo shoot!!  I mean, really, what’s cuter than a naked baby covered in kisses? Not much.  Especially, if you’re a FTM that still has googly eyes for your baby.  BUT, first & foremost, shout out to Hubs: there’s no way I could get these done without ya!  He seriously has come so far.  From being an avid picture hater to throwing out suggestions to improve the shot.  Do I train them well, or what ?! (jk, jk)

The number one thing that parents struggle with when deciding whether or not to get pictures done of their little ones is cost.  Hundreds of dollars for 30 minutes of clicking & 5-10 digital images isn’t cheap!  That is why I am a huge proponent of DIY photo shoots.   All you need is a few props, a couple common household items & Pinterest inspiration and you can get shots that are just as good as professional!  To prepare for this DIY Valentine’s Day photo shoot, I went to Dollar Tree and got $5 worth of props.  I bought plastic roses, rose petals, glitter hearts, heart stickers, & foam hearts.  I ended up not using the heart stickers, so I’ll save them for next year!

The most important tip I can give is to take advantage of natural lighting!  We took this mid morning in a room where the sun wasn’t directly shining into.  Once I finally got my camera settings right, we ended up with some amazing shots of his eyes!!   While manual settings lead to much better photos than auto, don’t be afraid to use it if you’re still learning.  You can always tweak things with editing if need be!  I also suggest investing in a soft, fluffy blanket. That carpet isn’t quite as comfy as it looks!

The lighting was so much better when I put down a white sheet.  It gave the sunlight a reflective surface & brightened things even more.   & LOOK AT THOSE EYES!

Finally, we did the infamous booty shots!  I liked the contrast of the hardwood floor & his soft bottom much more than him sitting on the carpet.  It just emphasizes the “soft as a baby’s bottom” look! (& yes, we took some matching ones but you’ll only get to see those by special request 😉 lol)

*swoon*  I could just stare at these all day.  I’m so thankful he’s not able to protest the photo shoots yet.  I’ll probably cry when that day comes along, so I’m relishing it while I can!!  Hopefully, I’ll always be able to capture candid moments (like this one) with my phone though. Fingers crossed!

Here are some bloopers for your viewing pleasure!  I LOVE this first one, but my focus was way off. #momfail

Is that you Fabio?! “Seriously, Mom, ANOTHER picture??”& he’s OVER IT.  (sorry for the blur.  Hubs goes, “Capture it!!” lol)

Ahh, sometimes the “bad” ones almost as much the “good” ones!  At least for a good laugh!

So, what do you think, worth the five dollars?! Let’s see your Valentine’s Day babies!!

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