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Baby’s First Christmas Craft: footprint art

I can’t believe it’s Christmas time already! A year ago today, I told hubs I was pregnant.  How crazy is that?! Time goes by so quickly! Just another reason why I love footprint art so much. (I promise I’ll do other crafts eventually, lol.)  Seeing how much those little feet have grown over time is amazing.  But out of all of the footprint art we’ve done, these Christmas footprint crafts are my favorite so far!

I still am the worst at successfully getting footprints where & how I’d like them.  So, still doing multiple prints per card stock page & using the salvageable ones!  It gets messy, BUT this is really a success because I end up with PLENTY of footprint options for cards!   PRO TIP:  wipes work magic for getting paint out of carpet, lol. We did green, grey & brown footprints for Christmas trees, mistletoe, mice & reindeer. (Orange is recycled card stock from bumpkin failures, lol)

I did manage to get two green footprints *almost* perfect on the same page for the mistletoe craft! SO PROUD.  Didn’t push my luck though.  One was good enough for me!  I used magic markers & crayon to make the holly details.  Also, I wised up after the Thanksgiving craft fiasco and did my lettering in pencil first!  This way I could adjust for spacing as needed without ruining the whole thing.  Whoop, whoop!

I moved on to the most challenging craft next: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  The footprint art itself was pretty simple, but the lettering was a different story.   There is NO WAY I would have been able to accomplish this without doing pencil first. So I found some script/fonts I liked on Pinterest & got to work.

After lots of erasing, I finally got the lettering how I liked! I traced over it with sharpie & added some depth.  I used crayon to draw the mice ears, stars & holly!

Next were the reindeer! All details were added with magic marker (writing done in pencil first). How cute are these antlers? I love the ornaments hanging from them.  (For those who may not want to DIY – inspiration came from this Etsy shop for these & mistletoes.) I struggled with decided what to write on these, shoutout to Mandy for the idea!  You could always use a lyric from Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, too!

Finally, the Christmas trees!  Clearly, these footprints were a little bit of a struggle, but they worked! I thought about putting some presents around the tree, but E woke up & I lost inspiration, lol.  Marker was used for the ornaments, but I couldn’t find my yellow one?!? so crayon was used for the stars!

I guess it’s pretty obvious that Christmas has been my favorite so far, since we have four keepsakes just for ourselves.  But I’m really happy with how they all turned out, so so festive! I actually feel that I kept things pretty under control considering I had a ton more ideas!  I’m saving those for the January crafts though, so stay tuned!

As always, I put my leftovers to good use!  I love making these cards almost as much as I love our keepsakes.  It gives me so much joy to know that my friends & family will “ooh” & “ahh” over his little footprint crafts, as well!  I decided to do reindeer & a Christmas tree spinoff for the cards.

I originally planned on doing a more simple reindeer, but I couldn’t get over those antlers! So, I stuck with the same reindeer design.  This didn’t leave much room for a greeting, so I squeezed in “Merry Christmas deer friend” best I could.  (so punny, lol) I also was having to rock E to sleep while writing these.  So I cut out the pencil drafts & just went with it. Not too shabby, considering that though, huh?!

These final cards are the freaking cutest, though.  (Inspiration from CampLight Apparel shirts.). I just love the retro yet realistic vibe!   Don’t they just remind you of when you were growing up & went to pick out your tree as a family?  I can’t wait to create those memories with my little family in the years to come. Don’t think we’ll be driving a station wagon though.  Not if I have anything to say about it, anyway!
Having these mementos & being able to look back at how teeny E’s little feet were is something I will cherish forever. I might spend time crafting that I should be using to clean, but the house will get dirty again tomorrow; he will only be this small today.

What are some Christmas crafts that you do with your family?! Do you have any special mementos that you look back on to reminisce?  I have plenty of toddler years to come, so I would love to hear your suggestions!

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