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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

Holidays are my jam.  I love celebrating, decorating & documenting each month with whichever holiday is coming around.  I focus on the bigger holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, BUT I found this site that has a bunch of random holidays that I also add to our calendar.  Some of them are a little out there,  but most of them are fun things you can easily celebrate (like take a walk in the park day), so why not?!  It makes an ordinary Thursday turn exciting super quick.  Can’t beat it!   This makes our calendar get packed pretty quickly, but I always make sure to schedule time for footprint art  & for a photo shoot.  This way, I don’t end up scrambling at the last minute.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Y’all already know I had to do a Valentine’s Day photo shoot!!  I mean, really, what’s cuter than a naked baby covered in kisses? Not much.  Especially, if you’re a FTM that still has googly eyes for your baby.  BUT, first & foremost, shout out to Hubs: there’s no way I could get these done without ya!  He seriously has come so far.  From being an avid picture hater to throwing out suggestions to improve the shot.  Do I train them well, or what ?! (jk, jk)

The number one thing that parents struggle with when deciding whether or not to get pictures done of their little ones is cost.  Hundreds of dollars for 30 minutes of clicking & 5-10 digital images isn’t cheap!  That is why I am a huge proponent of DIY photo shoots.   All you need is a few props, a couple common household items & Pinterest inspiration and you can get shots that are just as good as professional!  To prepare for this DIY Valentine’s Day photo shoot, I went to Dollar Tree and got $5 worth of props.  I bought plastic roses, rose petals, glitter hearts, heart stickers, & foam hearts.  I ended up not using the heart stickers, so I’ll save them for next year!

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Our Pregnancy Announcement Photo One Year Later

It’s hard to believe we announced our pregnancy to the world a year ago today.  It seems like just yesterday, but so much has happened in the past year.   Three hundred and sixty five six (leap year!) days of excitement, planning, emotions, & picture-taking.  We decided to wait until after the first trimester to share with the social media world that our family was growing.  It was SO hard keeping quiet.  But, looking back, I’m glad that we had the chance to relish in the excitement quietly for a few months.  Plus, this gave me plenty of time to decide on a pregnancy announcement photo.

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Graduation Pictures: Fighting for the Golden Hour

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I took classes in high school & swore I was going to NYU to get a degree in it (before I realized how cold & broke I’d be; I wised up quick after that!).  I’m a pictureholic–the girl who’s annoyingly snapping away non-stop.  The one that forces her friends & family to pose for Pinterest inspired ideas & the one that will make you march back outside for a retake if the angle wasn’t right. A nuisance to many…but you can’t beat a perfect shot. To me, it’s worth all the hassle in order to have that moment so perfectly captured in time. To have something to look back on that will allow memories to flood into your mind and heart. What is better than that??

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Baby in a Pumpkin – Pinterest Fail

Boy, oh boy. It’s going to be a long eighteen years of taking pictures if this is any indication of my future! As I talked about in my pumpkin pickin’ post, you have to be very time efficient when photographing babies.  Well, I didn’t think about the fact that I may need to prep Mike as well (whoops), but I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning.

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Plaid Paradise: Fall Family Photos

It’s no secret that I’m a pictureholic. But that is on OVERDRIVE now that we have babe (I probs take at least 20 a day of E, just on like a random Tuesday). So many adorable “firsts” pictures to take and so very little time. Especially with the holidays among us. This poor child is going to be sick of me before he’s even six months old, lol.

Anyway, October is a time full of fall pictures & crafts! Family pumpkin patch outings, babes in pumpkins from said patch, footprint crafts, & of course, Halloween costumes!  I love fall. I can’t wait until next year when E’s more aware & will more thoroughly enjoy all of the fun fall activities that we will do!  Continue reading Plaid Paradise: Fall Family Photos

UNC Pembroke Graduation Pictures

It is graduation season & of course, that means graduation pictures are a necessity!  I am so honored that some of my best friends asked me to take their graduation pictures.  I recently got a camera (Nikon D7200) & was SO excited to put it to use.  Pinterest became my BFF, I spent hours getting inspiration & reading camera tips preparing.

What I didn’t prepare for was waddling around at 6 months pregnant, lol. The first ones I did the end of April. You know the “April showers bring May flowers” saying? Well, it held true.  AND it was windy.  So there we were trying to beat the rain & keep her hair in place the best we could.  Luckily, it was pretty light-hearted & we got some fun/silly shots, as well!







Hailey reenacted this picture from her preschool graduation as a present for her Mom. HOW PRECIOUS!!

Hand crafted graduation cap representing her sorority & her major.  How cute is that monogrammed bow? & her DIY DNA strand? How crafty!







Always a good glitter blowing picture fan!! These were extraordinary difficult considering the wind.  But at least we got some good ones along with the bloopers!







You should have seen her run through the rain with all these books, lol. The struggle was SO real.  As I’m sure reading all that info was!







These were hilarious.  TOTAL FAIL.  But best bloopers ever.  The champagne basically just poured out everywhere rather than spraying like we hoped. Then she tried shaking its upside down & it literally just emptied.  I peed myself laughing so hard, lol.  #pregnancyprobz








The next session of graduation pictures were in the beginning of May.  Waddling a little more at this point, but at least the weather cooperated!  It was perfect May weather for pictures.  Warm but not scorching. This was my first “group” portrait pictures.  If two counts as a group, lol.  But it was fun to do interactive shots as well as individual.

I clearly have a glitter blowing obsession.  How do you just pick one?! We struggled with the champagne popping, yet again, lol.  So we gave up on that, drinking it is better anyway!

These are probably my favorites from this session. How adorable?!

Ya have to get some water feature pics for it to be a UNCP graduation.  Plus, gotta love that KD pride!

Love, love, love these!! How cute are they? College BFF goals.








Of course, we had to show off the graduation caps. DIY, of course! (Mom & Dad one by me, lol!)








Ahh, aren’t all three of them so gorgeous?!   I had a blast shooting these and am so glad I had the privilege to do so.  Even if I was waddling with a big ‘ol belly, they turned out pretty darn good, if I say so myself!