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Parenting: Why can’t we do both?

I recently read a blog post focusing on the joys of parenthood & how easily they can be snatched away by constant worry & stress.  It talked about taking an old school approach to parenting.  To think about how we were raised, before technology & judgement became so prevalent in order to ease the burden.   To let kids be kids & to not be a “hover parent”.

All of which I agree with.

However, it also took somewhat of a stab at the mom’s who may do a little more.  The specific example was a mother who does a birthday time capsule each year to give her son as an 18th birthday present.  I don’t think the idea was to guilt any mother for wanting to document things (whether for her child’s sake or for her own).  I think it was more supposed to let mothers know that is not a necessity in order to be a good parent.  BUT it really got me thinking.

Why can’t we do both?

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