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Family Christmas Traditions that’ll Stick

Considering E is only 4 months old this Christmas, it makes some family traditions a little more unrealistic.  Basically, they are more for hubs & I to get a practice run before the real deal next year!  Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year, so I am so excited to start family Christmas traditions.

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Plaid Paradise: Fall Family Photos

It’s no secret that I’m a pictureholic. But that is on OVERDRIVE now that we have babe (I probs take at least 20 a day of E, just on like a random Tuesday). So many adorable “firsts” pictures to take and so very little time. Especially with the holidays among us. This poor child is going to be sick of me before he’s even six months old, lol.

Anyway, October is a time full of fall pictures & crafts! Family pumpkin patch outings, babes in pumpkins from said patch, footprint crafts, & of course, Halloween costumes!  I love fall. I can’t wait until next year when E’s more aware & will more thoroughly enjoy all of the fun fall activities that we will do!  Continue reading Plaid Paradise: Fall Family Photos