sunshine on a cloudy day

My little has been having a tough time.  I was having lunch with her today & decided I wanted to do something to try & cheer her up–so I made a Box Full of Sunshine!
Disclaimer:  This is seriously the easiest, cutest, cheapest gift ever!
Step 1:  Go to Dollar Tree
Step 2:  Look for yellow
Step 3:  Deliver
Seriously, that simple.

Even in our teeny dollar tree with a limited selection, I found much more yellow that I expected!  I was definitely pleasantly surprised.
There was no rhyme or reason, just yellow!  From snacks & silly putty to drinks & scrubbers.


I even lucked out & found a yellow [almost] empty box!  I took the liberty of taking the few items remaining & placing them on the shelf to take the box off their hands. 🙂 Couldn’t pass up a yellow box for my box of sunshine!


Finally, I took an index card & made a label along with a sweet note.


 & of course I HAD to get the smiley face balloon.


I almost bought a yellow tutu & yellow fair wings to wear but I figured that was probably a little much hahah  BUT I did play “Pocket Full of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield when I showed up to her apartment which I thought was very appropriate.
She loved it!  This is just a simple gesture you can do to help brighten someone’s day.   It cost me $13 but the reaction & appreciation was worth so much more than that.
Happy Crafting!


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