Monthly Footprint Art – January

January has been a pretty busy month between traveling, doctor’s appointments, and family visits causing it to FLY by.   Time almost got away from me, but luckily I broke out my paints & the bumbo with a few days to spare.  I plan on doing monthly footprint art for at least the first year (surprise).  Our little ones change so much over the first 12 months, it’s so precious to have keepsakes to help remember how teeny they once were.

For January, we (lol, really Lori??) I decided to do snowmen & penguins.  (Not that those are at all relevant to this North Carolina weather we’ve been having.)  I also did a Mama Bear & Baby Bear craft just for fun!!  I was feeling pretty confident this month since E can sit in his bumbo floor seat so well now.   What I didn’t consider, however, is how interested he is in his feet lately….  I had to be sure to keep a toy in his hands the entire time in order to stop him from eating paint, lol.

I used an icy blue for the snowmen, because you know, white paper.  But for whatever reason that same thought didn’t cross my mind when doing the stomachs of the penguins.  Blame it on the #mombrain, lol, I’ll get it together one day.

For the “baby bear” footprint I used a light shade of brown.  The funny thing is I thought everything through meticulously and I STILL didn’t get it right.  I made sure that his little toes were at the bottom of the page, in the corner so there would be plenty of room for my foot.  & it came out perfect!  Except, I did it horizontally. & ya know, this mama’s foot is a littttttle bigger than 8.5″ *eye roll*.  Just when I was feeling proud of myself for having way less trial & error than in the past — break out the scissors.  But hey, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!

I will say, the bumbo does help a lot with being able to get more defined footprints & allows me to line things up pretty proportionately.  This makes for a lot less hassle & a lot less paper wasted.   I consider that a #momwin!  Especially since I’m still making rookie mistakes, like knocking over the water cup……..

SERIOUSLY?!?!  At least don’t have carpet. That black tinted water would have left me with quite the stain.

Once I had everything cleaned up & E down for a nap I trimmed the pieces of cardstock to size & added the finishing touches to our winter wonderland themed footprints.  The poor penguins are still a little sloppy but I can work with them.  Trying to get two contrasting colors on a squirming baby’s foot is no easy feat!  So I’ll take what I can get, lol, call it character!

Then, I contorted my leg very gracefully painted my own foot brown in order to make the “mama bear” footprint.  However, for some reason, I decided to do this in the living room.  So once I was finished I had to hop on one leg to the bathroom in order to rinse my foot off.   (Just take a moment to visualize that, I’ll wait.)

Maybe I need to start making a step by step list before I start things.  Crafting used to be so much simpler before I added a baby into the mix, lol. But the end result was so worth it.  This just warms my heart. The perfect reminder that E relies on me whole heartedly & that I am all he truly needs in this early age in order to thrive.  How amazing.

The best part, though? Hubs came home from work & while admiring the crafts he says, “How’d you get my footprint?!”.  Can you tell how often I make him assist in my crafting addiction??  But I told him not to worry. Y’all know I have another idea up my sleeve for his foot print.  I’ll probably save that one for Father’s Day, though.

Now to start brainstorming for February, I’m thinking Valentine’s Day theme.  Have any ideas??  Send them my way, I’d love to give them a try.  & so would E, I’m sure 😉

4 thoughts on “Monthly Footprint Art – January”

  1. So cute! I love these so much. They are so sweet. I miss the days when my babies were….well babies. For Valentine’s Day I’ve always seen hearts or ladybugs of some sort. One time when my son was in preschool he brought home the word “LOVE” – the O was a handprint and the V. It was very sweet. Can’t wait to see more 🙂

    1. Thanks Valerie!! I’ll have to try the love sign! It will definitely be a challenge keeping the paint out of his mouth then lol

  2. I always love these hand print and footprint projects. Our preschool and the kindergarten teacher I know does them. It’s a great way to show how little they are without just throwing a hand print on something.

    Thank you for participating in this week’s #fandayfriday link party! I hope you get some great traffic to your site this week and hope to see more of your blog posts at next week’s party!

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