30 Things Moms Think About During Their First Night Out

Well, I braved the elements and finally had a night (okay, 1.5 hours) out of the house! I battled with whether I should go or not for a few days.  & then again a few hours the day of.  Hubs probably had to tell me six times to go, but I was still skeptical.  We are nursing & the 4 month sleep regression has been insane.  I was so nervous about all the things that hubs could end up having to deal with. What if he wakes up early? What if he’s hungry?  Do I have enough milk in the freezer? Will he take the bottle at night? Ahh!

BUT I finally agreed to go, so  we got E to sleep & I headed to a Christmas party.

It took about 0.5 seconds for my mind to start whirling with thoughts.  About two minutes down the road I was like, this is crazy, I need to write these down!  SO. Here is the list of things that went through my mind the first time I left the house for a night on my own.  I’m surprised I was even able to enjoy myself with my brain acting wild like this, lol.

  1. Okay, you’ve got this. Let’s do it!
  2. Don’t drive so fast, a night out doesn’t do anyone any good if I die.
  3. It’s pretty quiet, did I forget E?! ….oh, yeah.
  4. Wait, we have a Mattress Firm?!
  5. Who knew things were so busy at 8pm on a Friday. Look how many people are out to eat right now!
  6. OMG is that a baby crying?!?! I hope he’s not awake.
  7. I forgot what it was like to drive at night. *eyes peeled*
  8. Oh my gosh, am I about to get pulled over?!  …Phew, not me.
  9. Almost there, I hope I look normal. Do I have spit up on me?!  I guess it’s too late now.
  10. Okay, deep breath, you’re going in.
  11. Give me alllllll the wine. Yasss, I forgot how great pink moscato is.
  12. I haven’t heard from Mike, hopefully that means he’s sleeping.
  13. Oh! Holiday jello squares, how freaking cute…& delicious.
  14. I better eat something.
  15. Chocolate covered pretzels have some nutritional value, right?
  16. I forgot how awesome it is to have adult interactions. Is this what life was like before having a baby? I really can barely remember.
  17. It’s been an hour, I hope he hasn’t woken up!
  18. Alright, maybe not ALL the wine.
  19. Sheesh, this staying up past 9 thing is tiring!
  20. But it is so nice to talk about something other than E! Not that I don’t love ya, E, but Mama needed some girl time!
  21. I could stay & chat for hours.
  22. BUT he’s been asleep 2.5 hours, so the best I’m going to get is 2 hours….maybe I should head home.
  23. Gotta hydrate first. *chugs bottle of water*
  24. Wow, what a night.  Who knew I could stay up ’til 10 anymore.
  25. Almost home, can’t wait to lay down.
  26. Woooo, I made it. Time to sleep. Hopefully.
  27. He better not wake up in like an hour. *snuggles up with hubs* ahhh, time to catch some z’s.
  28. *15 minutes later* “Waahhh” – E. HAHAAHAH! Just my luck.
  29. I should’ve slept on the couch, maybe he smelled me?!
  30. Ugh. Too late now.  Let the night (really) begin!

& what a night it was! Luckily, he got another decent (3 hour) stretch once we got him back down, but after that it was anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.  We’ll see how long it is before I decide to have a night out again, lol.

How have your first nights out gone?  Hopefully, more restful than mine!!


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