Five Easy Half Birthday Traditions to Start Today

I am still in shock at the fact that I have a six month old. (Where has the time gone?!)  But I’ve always known I wanted to do half birthday traditions as a mother.    Six months old is probably the most significant half birthday mark, but I plan on implementing half birthday traditions for as long as E thinks they’re fun!  Because, why not?   I was able to do all five of these half birthday traditions just with items I already had on hand.  So whats the harm in some budget friendly family celebrations?! #amiright!?

Five (& a Half) Half Birthday Traditions

  1. Half of a Birthday Cake (or whatever food item your little loves!)
    This year, this was just for Hubs & I to indulge in as I’m trying to hold out on sugar as much as possible with E.  But I used it as a test run for his “healthy” smash cake.  It was made with bananas with no added sugar in the cake mix and a cream cheese (& sugar filled) frosting.  It turned out SO good.  I used a round pan & cut the cake in half to make two layers of deliciousness!  I free-handed the sprinkle “1/2” because, well, I’m lazy lol.

    I get to eat this, right Mom?!
  2. Sing “A Very Merry Unbirthday”
    As soon as we woke up I had it playing.  We listened to it at least five times because he was mesmerized. Of course, it’s been stuck in my head all day now.  But I guess that’s the point!!  Thanks, youtube!
  3. Foot Print Art: Favorite Book Themed
    Obviously we had to do some foot print art!!  I even sprung for a hand print, too.  Watch out world! E isn’t too in to the book quite yet, but his Hungry Caterpillar toy is one of his absolute favorites.   It is so fun to try to replicate, plus you have a constant reminder of their size in that moment!
  4. A Half Birthday Crown
    This is easy as 1, 2, 3.  All you need is felt, scrapbook paper, & ribbon!  Well, and hot glue & scissors if we’re getting technical.  So easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, lol?? Zigzag across the felt to create the crown shape.  Cut “1/2” out of your scrapbook paper (you can use stencils!).  Trim ribbon to length.  & hot glue it all together!   I maybe should have done some measuring (a little tall, huh?) but I like the uniqueness we acquired with the freehand.
    Of course.  Document, document, document! One of the perks of half birthday celebrations is making a big deal out of a day that may be ordinary to anybody else.  So break out the camera & make it a big deal!  Look at the smile! *click.*  How cute is that furrowed brow in concentration? *click.*  Uh oh, that’s not a happy baby! *click.* lol  You’ll have documentation of the many sides of your little during their “in-between”.  Not quite a newborn, not quite a toddler.  Not quite baby, not quite a boy.  Whatever the case may be, you will have the excitement & joy of silly half birthday traditions captured forever!

    Uh, Mom, my crown is falling…

    lol, whoops. We’re still working on our balancing skills


5½.  Stay up half an hour later.
E will not be participating in this quite yet.  An overtired baby does not equal fun for anyone involved.  But as he gets older this is definitely something we will implement.  He’ll probably need the extra awake time anyway considering the cake!

& that’s it!  Five (& a half) super easy and super cheap half birthday traditions that can be started at anytime.  We might have to start implementing them for Hubs & I also!  Do you have any half birthday traditions?  Or maybe you have another fun celebration you do every year?   If not, what’s stopping you?! It’s never a bad idea to celebrate your loved ones. Get started this year and add half birthday traditions to your list of family celebrations!

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  1. Genius! I loved your post! Thanks for giving me cute ideas for my 1/2 baby’s birthday!!! I’ll definitely gonna do the hand/foot print and photo shoot!

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