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Family Christmas Traditions that’ll Stick

Considering E is only 4 months old this Christmas, it makes some family traditions a little more unrealistic.  Basically, they are more for hubs & I to get a practice run before the real deal next year!  Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year, so I am so excited to start family Christmas traditions.

Mike gives me a hard time because of how excited I get, but I think he’s mostly worried that I’m going to go tradition crazy.   There might be validatation in that concern, because I have SO MANY ideas. But I am just so excited.  For me, Christmas is all about making memories all December long & enjoying your time together as a family. Traditions help ensure that you are guaranteed at least a few special moments amongst the hectic holiday time.

The main things that are important to my family during the holiday season are giving back, making memories & mementos (keepsakes & photos) & food!  There’s no way to predict what will be that traditions that stick, the ones that last 20 years. But many of my tradition ideas are focused around the making memories aspect, and that can include failed tradition attempts.   Half the fun is figuring out what works, anyway!  Who knows, I might have a kid who hates sweets & that throws half the food ideas I have out the window, lol!

Here’s a list of what I’m thinking.. I would love to hear about your family traditions or any suggestions you might add to my ideas!  It takes a village, #amiright?!

  • Christmas Crafts
  • Family Photos
    • Christmas Card style
    • with Santa
    • Christmas morning before & after opening presents
  • Christmas Eve
    • matching pjs – how cute are these?!
    • read Twas the Night Before Christmas & the Christmas story
    • cookies for Santa
    • Christmas poppers at dinner
  • Christmas Movies
    • ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas
    • Home videos from year before
  • Carolling!
  • Food
    • baking/decorating Christmas cookies
    • homemade Chex mix (delish! let me know if you want recipe)
    • gingerbread house
    • hot cocoa
    • fondue/appetizers Christmas Eve
  • Giving Back
  • Advent Calendar/25 books of Christmas
  • Pick out & cut down Christmas tree together
  • Christmas Lights
    • Decorate the house December 1st
    • Drive around the neighborhood
  • Presents
  • Letter to Santa
  • Go to the Christmas Parade

This list is pretty lengthy….& I’m cutting myself off early, ha!  We might run out of room in December trying to do all this, but it’s worth a shot! What are you favorite or go-to Christmas traditions?  Have you tried & succeeded (or failed) at any of the above ones?  Can’t wait to hear about your experiences!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Family Christmas Traditions that’ll Stick”

  1. I think this list is great! Looking at it in list form seems somewhat overwhelming but when I think about it, I notice my family does quite a bit of these too. Christmas with kids is so much fun! 🙂

    I have a really good book for Advent that we read with Addie. It is called “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift” and there is an adult devotion version too called “The Greatest Gift,” both by Ann Voskamp. There are even ornaments on her website that you can print and hang up after you read each day.

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