E’s Favorite Things: 4 Months Old

E has come so far in the past month!  He is able to sit independently (well, for a few seconds at a time lol), has started to play with his feet, and will reach out for things he wants! I love watching him grow and learn day by day.  It is so astonishing to think that we were all his age once.  We all had to learn the things that are so easy to us now.  It’s amazing!!

He still enjoys many things we talked about in our three month post like his rattle & mirror, but here are his updated favorites from four months old!

Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether
This thing is amazing.   The flexibility is outstanding and limits E’s frustration as it is so easy to get into his mouth from any direction.  It is super convenient that all the parts of this teether are silicone and perfect for chewing,  but the bristles are probably the best feature.  This teether gives E so much relief, it’s his go to toy!

My Knuckles
This kid has a strong jaw, I tell you what.   Apparently my knuckles are the best chew toy out there.  If it was up to him, he’d probably have my finger in his mouth all day.  It’s hilarious because he will start trying to talk with my knuckle in his mouth and that muffled coo is just the cutest.

Twisty Bugz Teether
This is SO fun.  It twists and turns & crinkles and cranks.  It has so many different textures for babe to feel, both with his hands and his gums.  I love that it has both small and large parts.  This allows him to practice his “pincer grasp” on the wings and antennas.

Rainforest Jumperoo
THIS.   This has seriously been a life savior.  E has an obsession with standing.  To him sitting is just not opinion.  & now that he has learned to jump, he is OBSESSED.  He will even let you know when he’s ready for his jumperoo by trying to bounce in your lap, lol.   Even when he gets tired of jumping, he loves to just stand there and chew on the dragon-fly & grab the monkey.  Also, the music/sounds aren’t super annoying, so that’s a definite plus!

Giraffe Snuggle Teether
This thing is perfect for quiet play time & for car seat entertainment.  It has many different textures including the “crinkle feature”, as I like to call it.  It also has two teething options, double trouble!!  Sometimes E even chews on the plush part, but that might just be because he’s an odd ball, lol.  I also love that it has a loop feature so it to be hung on his car seat rather than just be placed in his lap.  Anything to help being confined in that thing a little easier, #amiright?!

Poor cat!  E is so enamored by her he could sit and stare at her for an hour.  Dare she walk near him and he’ll instantly reach out to grab her.  I’m surprised she doesn’t have bald spots from where he’s yanked her hair out.  He has learned though, and now softly pets her (90% of the time anyway, lol). Plus, she’s loving the attention!

E loves to be up in the air!  Playing airplane is almost an instant fix to his fussiness.  Put him above your head & “fly” him around and he’ll be grinning in no time.  Plus, talk about an arm workout.  Win, win!!  Add in the “swoosh” & “humming” noises & you might even get a giggle!!

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
This thing is perfect for a bored baby!  If they are searching for some entertainment & your silly faces just aren’t cutting it anymore, reach for this!  It plays Mozart classics & lights up for both visual & audio stimulation.  It has a fun, colorful handle & an easy to push button that little hands are able to use.

Time is flying by.  It seriously goes so quick, I’m flabbergasted at the fact that E is almost half way to one.  How did that happen?!?!  I hope your little one will find some joy out of these toys as well.  Because happy baby, happy mom, right?!  Do you have any go-to toys for your baby? Im always on the lookout to add to our arsenal, so I’d love to hear what they are!


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