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E’s Favorite Things: 3 Months Old

First of all, shout out to my friend & fellow FTM (first time Mom), Paige, for this idea! The plan is to do updates of what things E enjoys the most from month to month. From store bought to DIY, whatever tickles his fancy for the time being!  It has been so helpful for me as a FTM to see referrals of specific items that have benefited children of a similar age as E.  I’m hoping this will do the same for you!  I’ve added my Amazon Affiliate links to some of the products we use most (this means I may earn commission if you use those links).

So, at three months E is becoming more alert & active. His favorite thing is definitely still eye contact & chatting with me & hubs.  But he has branched out & has started enjoying some independent play time, also!   It is so nice to be able to give him a toy & be able to run to the bathroom or grab something to eat without having to wonder if he will be entertained. (Yay, for some freedom!)

Here’s a list of what toys E enjoys most at three months old. (You’ll notice many of these pictures are while he’s on his Activity Gym.  This thing is inexpensive & perfect for linking any of your little one’s favorites toys to!) :

Metal Dumbbell Rattle
This rattle is the perfect size for teeny hands!  It is so easy for E to grip & it is his FAVORITE teething toy.  He can’t quite grab others as well yet.  But he has the hold down pat on this one and the cool, hard metal is such a relief to his gums.   Of course, as a rattle, the calming sound keeps E engaged, even if he’s getting frustrated by something.

World of Eric Carle, Developmental Caterpillar
LOVE THIS THING.   The size of this is perfect for E to grab with his hands or cuddle in his arms. It’s my go to toy for the mornings.  I plop him in his chair as I brush my teeth & get breakfast and he has some quiet independent play.  Win-win!

World of Eric Carle, Developmental Monkey
This monkey has E mesmerized ALL THE TIME.  From doing tummy time to practicing his grabbing, he loves it.  There are so many sensory benefits.  Multiple patterns, noises, textures & colors keeps him entertained for long stretches!

Sensory Ribbon Box
I took an old box & taped random lose pieces of ribbon I had in my craft box.  They are different widths, textures, & patterns — perfect for maximum engagement.  He loves grabbing & kicking at the ribbon.  Perfect for some quiet play time with Lilly. (Until she gets scared & knocks the box down on him, lol, whoops)

This is probably a given, but he is LOVING his hands right now.  He’ll sit there with his whole fist in his mouth. Sometimes chewing, sometimes sucking, sometimes grabbing his tongue.  Whatever the case, simple (& cheap) independent entertainment.

Baby Mirror
This kid loves looking at himself, as I’m sure most babies do.  During tummy time, it is especially helpful to keep him occupied. We use this car mirror because it is safe (not glass) & large, so he can see himself from pretty much any angle he’s able to wiggle himself to.  It is able to stand up on it’s own using the head seat attachment, so that is definitely a plus, as well!

Vocal chords, lol
I don’t know how I ended up with a screamer, but BOY does he scream.  Happy, mad, frustrated, excited, you name it; he’s screaming! I guess just because he realized he can, he will.  He loves exercising those vocal chords!

Changing Pad
I know this seems crazy, lol.  I don’t know if it is because it’s so comfy or if he just loves being diaper free.  But put him on his changing pad & he will start chatting up a storm. If were stuck with Mr. Fussinator in the evenings, we plop him on there, break out the hair dryer (he loves the warmth) & we get a whole different baby.  It’s amazing!

We tie balloons to E’s ankles & he goes kick crazy!  It took him no time to realize what his legs were capable of.  Seriously, the best two dollars I ever spent.  This is perfect wind down play for evenings.  Not super stimulating, but still entertaining independent play!

So, those are a few of E’s favorite things at three months old!  I’m looking forward to the advances his makes & what his favorite things will be at four months old. Have you used any of the above items? Or does your little one get joy from something else specific not on this list?  I’d love to hear your experiences, or even suggestions for next month!

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