DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

Holidays are my jam.  I love celebrating, decorating & documenting each month with whichever holiday is coming around.  I focus on the bigger holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, BUT I found this site that has a bunch of random holidays that I also add to our calendar.  Some of them are a little out there,  but most of them are fun things you can easily celebrate (like take a walk in the park day), so why not?!  It makes an ordinary Thursday turn exciting super quick.  Can’t beat it!   This makes our calendar get packed pretty quickly, but I always make sure to schedule time for footprint art  & for a photo shoot.  This way, I don’t end up scrambling at the last minute.

Our St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot was a breeze, literally took less than 20 minutes.  Hubs timed me, lol.  I went to the Dollar Tree at the beginning of March & stuck to my under $10 budget.  I purchased a green boa, a pack of foam shamrocks, gold coins, a mini leprechaun hat, & a green bow tie.  (Disclaimer:  I already had a few St. Patrick’s Day items, but those could also be purchased at the Dollar Tree & still allow you to remain under budget!).  Pro tip:  it is best to go get your items as early as possible, the good stuff sells quick!   I keep all of my items for future decorating (& probably more photo shoots, lol) to help save money, also.

These were taken during mid morning light (a little before 11 am) with a f4 aperture,  1/15 shutter speed & 320 ISO.  

I can’t get over the cuteness!  & E was such a ham.  You’d think those were chocolate gold coins instead of plastic!

We also got these bloopers which are hilarious.  The typical “one too many” St Patty’s Day pic.  E just couldn’t handle the glasses, lol.

We always have so much fun with our holiday themed photo shoots & end up with awesome memories captured in time.   This year’s photo book is going to be HUGE!

I’m starting to mentally prep for our Easter shoot.  Would love to hear your suggestions!  I’m thinking bunny ears are a must.  What other Easter themed shots would you like to see?!


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