diy lilly pulitzer cards

Don’t Let Your Lilly Planner go to Waste

There is only one benefit of being home sick… free time to craft!
I recently took the pages out of my old Lilly planner but couldn’t decide what I should do with them, until one day it hit me–greeting cards!  Lilly has such wonderfully uplifting designs, so what better use than to make someone’s day just a little brighter?

And it is SO easy.  Card stock & modge podge – seriously all you need!
I removed the perforations & traced the pages on the card stock.  Once you’ve cut the card stock to size you just modge podge the pages on to the card stock & voilà!  
Beautiful cards for any occasion!  Who wouldn’t love getting one of these in the mail? One thing I love about Lilly–you can’t not smile when you see her prints.  They’re so bright & colorful and if that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!
One thing I learned the hard way — be sure you have envelopes that fit the card sizes.  I definitely did not, lol! I decided to use the Lilly stickers I had never used to seal the edges & just wrote the addresses directly on the cards.  It worked just fine, but  I’ll have to be sure to be more proactive in the future when sizing these cards!
Happy Crafting!


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